Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The two Dafydds 10 years on

This just in from Plaid Cymru's honorary president, Dafydd Wigley:

"10 years ago today was one of the most exciting days in my political career.

For over 70 years Plaid had been campaigning for a Welsh Parliament and despite its weaknesses, which were apparent even then, the prospect of Welsh politicians finally being responsible for the destiny of our nation was truly remarkable.

Of course we all had to wait until the following day for the count to take place but it was possible to sense the silent earthquake that was on its way and everyone knew that Welsh politics would never be the same again."

Lovely stuff. Nice to see a political figure able to forget about partisan divides on a day like today, when all four parties will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Assembly's first elections.

But then the party's actual president, Dafydd Iwan has also had his say:

"I, along with many others who had campaigned for a Welsh parliament for so long, saw 1999 as a great step forward.

But be under no illusion, there are still many vital steps ahead of us until Wales gets what it deserves.

For most of the last ten years, we have had weak Labour governments in Westminster and Cardiff who have failed to deliver for the people of Wales.

We now need real powers for the Assembly to defend us from the whims of future Tory or Labour governments in London."

Never mind, I suppose politics just wouldn't be politics without a bit of politics.

Dewi Dau


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