Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Home Stretch

There are just 4 days to go until Wales and the rest of the UK go to the polls in this year's European election and there could well be a body blow for the Labour party if they lose their second seat here.

We had thought early on in the campaign that it would be the Tories to take advantage of Labour's weakness but since then the expenses scandal has come to light and Plaid have been attempting to distance themselves from the rest of the politicians at Westminster.

Could this be a strategy that would see them return a second MEP after all?

There's also been some praise for the Lib Dems' lead candidate on the campaign trail but to what extent that will help the party remains to be seen – the whole proceedings have been somewhat overshadowed by other events.

I'd be keen to know what you think's going to happen. It seems likely that Labour could lose enough votes but who do you think will gain that last seat.

As we head onto the home stretch it would appear to be anybody's game...

Dewi Tri


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Anonymous said...

It will depend on who comes out to vote. Many older voters will use postal votes or be bused to the booth. That will favour Labour, as that group tend to vote Labour.
If people are angry enough over the expenses debacle, they may go and use a protest vote.I don't think that will happen;may be if it was a local election or something closer to home maybe.
The Euro's have never really excited the voters.
If parties can rally their troops that fourth seat could be anyones.