Friday, 1 May 2009

Career Suicide - Testing, Testing 1,2,3,

I was in need of testing a new gadget that I’ve got hold of so I’m here in the Bay, supping a Corona waiting for a friend to join me for a drink, reflecting on a really fun week of work experience (spot the nifty camerawork on Dragons Eye!). So what to blog about to test this new piece of kit?

Well, highlight of the week has to be Alun Davies and his career suicide! The one time Plaid enthusiast announced Tuesday morning that he intends to stand for the Labour nomination in Blaenau Gwent, he came out all guns blazing slagging Trish Law off. The most memorable quote in my mind was his description of her as “invisible especially when she’s on her feet” he said she was a “woeful” AM and she should be “ashamed” - pretty strong from the Mid and West Wales member . He described his contribution to the Assembly as “groundbreaking” and amidst several mentions of his Tredegar heritage claimed that he could represent the constituency much better than Trish Law.

Why has Alun Davies done this then? As I have been reminded of on several occasions this week, Blaenau Gwent politics is poisonous, the Labour party there is in disarray with several high profile defections recently. Going on history Alun Davies can’t even be sure of securing the nomination let alone winning the vote come election time, what is he to do then? Trot back to Mid and West Wales and say “oh don’t worry that was all a joke, I really only care about the people of Mid and West Wales, honestly”? I’m sure that would play well with the voters there.
So why risk it? As top dog on the list in the Mid West he’s virtually guaranteed to be sitting comfortably in the chamber after 2011. It may be that young Mr Davies feels the need to prove his Labour credentials to those who still suspect him of harbouring nationalist loyalties (See Ordovicius' brilliant You Tube clip) or it may be an attempt o prove himself to get a Cabinet position next time around, who knows? I’m not sure if Alun Davies really knows!

And what’s Trish Law's response to all this commotion? “Bring it on”.

Dewi Un

p.s looks like the old new technology worked! Nice…


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