Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lembit's breakfast

A little gem from Vaughan Roderick's blog:

Why on earth do people not like poor Lembit? Al Murray the 'Pub Landlord' is the latest to condemn the Montgomery member according to the Times.

"If I don't ever have to interview Öpik again it would be too soon," Murray told Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio. "He was a bit of a twit. He came on thinking, 'I'll knock some lumps off this chap' and you sort of think 'that's not going to happen because we've spent all week sharpening this knife'."

It's unlikely Lembit will respond. He's too busy offering health advice to Daily Sport readers.

"Remember, you can't catch pig flu from eating pig meat. However bad things get, we'll still have bacon sandwiches."



Anonymous said...

he just gets worse, Did you see his ex Cheeky Girl has just won some talent contest akin to Britain's got talent.Wonder if he will write about that !

Anonymous said...

He's also involved in the expenses row. The Sun don't know the half of it. He claimed all those items for a flat that he rented out during the four years he was with Sian Lloyd. He rented to the brother of a then fellow Lib Dum MP and to his agent in Montgomerywhire. What happened to that cash, I wonder? He also claimed for a house that SL paid for. The LO stuff is only the tip of the iceberg. Wait till we find out just how much flying time he's claimed for in his own private plane.