Sunday, 17 May 2009

Brunstrom not going quietly

He just could not resist could he? Arguably the most controversial police chief constable in Britain has dipped his toe into the cesspool of MPs expenses. The North Wales chief is climbing on the bandwagon and suggesting that he may investigate MPs in his patch that have been fiddling the public purse. Now his idea makes sense treating the MPs just like everyone else, also his plan will undoubtedly win some public support, but does anyone smell a rat? Could it be that with a dream job in the Bahamas no longer in the offing Richard Brunstrom is starting to get ready for a push into the Senedd?

It may be the case that Richard Brunstrom is looking to investigate individuals who hold a position he himself covets? This is PURE SPECULATION of course but a recent article in the Daily Post got me thinking (I've looked but I can't find it online for some reason). With Brunstrom leaving in July (surely not enough time for a full investigation) he is taking the credit as the people’s champion without having to do the leg work - clever stuff.

It may be that, in keeping with my recent form with predictions, he just goes on the after dinner circuit and puts his feet up - but that’s not his style is it?

Dewi Un


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