Wednesday, 20 May 2009

For Sale

A day late but worth a translation nevertheless: Ar Werth by Vaughan Roderick.

"The general belief is that Lembit will lose Montgomery and another Liberal Democrat could win."

It was telling today that Kirsty Williams didn't disagree with that statement in her weekly news conference.

Kirsty also announced that every one of the party's parliamentary candidates will have to sign a code of conduct promising to repay any profit made by selling second homes in Westminster. Current MPs will be expected to follow suit. No current member will be allowed to stand if he or she refuses to sign. That includes any member who was elected in 1997 before the huge rise in house prices.

Is Kirsty quietly hoping someone will refuse to sign?

What does Lembit have to say? It's time for us to visit his column in the Daily Sport.

"All the same, the general mood is to portray us all as naughty people on the make. It's a shame. You'd probably like most MPs if you met them. It's also a shame that the actions of the Telegraph have not been properly scrutinised. I suggest you stick to the Sport. You know what you're getting, and, unlike the Telegraph's info none of the boobs are remotely dodgy."

Translation by Dewi Dau


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Anonymous said...

I wonder who they would put up in the constituency instead of him.I think if people knew what this guy did that benefited the people he says he represents, they would be surprised, why don't they ask him , make him accountable