Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Battle for Blaenau

Vaughan Roderick's post, Brwydr Blaenau, translated for you by Politics Cymru:

Do you remember Kramer v Kramer? Well it's Alun v Alun in Blaenau Gwent!

The former culture minister, Alun Pugh, has decided to try for the Labour nomination for the 2011 election. Alun Davies AM is already in the race of course. This is one to watch!

If Alun (P) succeeds will Alun (D) head back to the west with his tail between his legs? Will Joyce Watson be waiting for him with open arms, I wonder?

Alun (P) has promised not* to make personal attacks on the current member, Trish Law which, in a way, is a personal attack against Alun (D). There'll be blood on the walls before this one is over!

Translation by Dewi Dau

*corrected, 14:10, 16/05/2009



Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always, for the translation but I think that there is a mistake in the final paragraph: Alun (P) has said the he WON'T be making personal attacks on Trish Law.

Anonymous said...

Kramer v Kramer, huh! : irrelevant 'cos neither of the Alun's will get the nomination;)

lots of hot air for next few weeks,that's all...

Anonymous said...

Alun Pugh put his name in for Pontypridd and wasn't shortlisted bya single branch. I think Vaughan is indulging in a bit of wishful thinking on this one

Politics Cymru said...

Thanks for that Anon!