Tuesday, 26 May 2009

This just in: Twitterview with Jill Evans MEP

For those of you following us on Twitter this lunchtime you'll have seen our Twitterview with Jill Evans MEP! For those of you who missed it - where were you?! But you can read it in full here (and make sure you're following us tomorrow for our Twitterview with Alan Butt-Philip):

Before the Twitterview Dewis 1, 2 and 3 would like to say hello to the regulars! Also @egrommet @Marcuswarner @aledwg @aliguana @huwthomas

Just waiting for Jill then we'll get going with the World's first ever Twitterview...in Wales! about 1 hour ago from web

@politics_cymru Helo - barod i fynd. Hello - ready to go #pctv

@europlaid Siwmae Jill! How has the campaign been going so far? #pctv #plaidcymru about 1 hour ago from web

@politics_cymru #pctv Really good! Lots of support all over the country. Nice to be doing something a bit different today!about 1 hour ago from web

@europlaid Let's crack on then! Thanks to @Marcuswarner: being a minority party in Europe, do you think you lack influence? #pctv about 1 hour ago from web

@politics_cymru #pctv Ha ha! No, we punch above our weight. Euro' funding, EIB, local food, Workers' rights, Welsh lang status and on & onabout 1 hour ago from web

@europlaid So do you really stand a chance of getting a second MEP then? #pctv43 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru #pctv YES!about 1 hour ago from web

@europlaid Even if the turnout's low? #pctv 41 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru I hope turn-out isn't low although I fear it might be. The Labour vote is collapsing. People trust Plaid Cymru #pctv42 minutes ago from web

@europlaid Do people really trust any politicians right now? #pctv36 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Some have behaved disgracefully. I have campaigned for reform and greater transparency. Hopefully this will now occur #pctv37 minutes ago from web

@europlaid In that case from @PhilBowen how can you regain the trust of the voting public? #pctv30 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru By radically reforming the system, being open and honest and putting people of Wales first #pctv34 minutes ago from web

@europlaid from @aledwg, in fallout of expenses scandal how worried are you about the threat from extremist parties? #pctv28 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru I have faith in the values and traditions of the people of Wales who will shun the lies and racism of the far right #pctv30 minutes ago from web

@EuroPlaid But are you doing anything to actively discourage people from turning to the extremists? #pctv 23 minutes ago from web in reply to EuroPlaid

@politics_cymru Yes, by winning the argument year in, year out & promoting our vision 4 Wales.This is who I am and why I'm in politics #pctv 26 minutes ago from web

RT @Plaid_Cymru Jill Twitterweliad / Twitterview : http://www.flickr.com/photo... #pctv 20 minutes ago from web

@europlaid from @annahwt Do you consider the EP to be giving sufficient weight to climate change issues? #pctv19 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru No. Labour and the Tories must stop blocking stronger laws. The EU should be leading the way. Much done but more needed#pctv22 minutes ago from web

@EuroPlaid So will that be a part of your focus over the next 5 years? #pctv14 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru It has been for the last 10 years and will be for the next 5. The climate & economic crises must be tackled together #pctv16 minutes ago from web

@EuroPlaid (that's if you're elected of course) #pctv12 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Of course #pctv14 minutes ago from web

@europlaid from @aliguana Is Wales respected in Europe as a country, or a region of England? #pctv10 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Increasingly so but we don't enjoy the benefits of Member-Statehood yet (no. of MEPs, Commissioner, vote @ Council etc #pctv9 minutes ago from web

@europlaid So thanks for your time Jill! Do you think this has been a success? Will we be seeing more ‘Twitterviews’ in the future? #pctv3 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Thanks for the opportunity...an European first for Plaid again! How about a post-election twitterview? #pctv8 minutes ago from web

@europlaid We look forward to that then! #pctv2 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru So that's a yes! Hwyl fawr :) #pctv6 minutes ago from web

Thanks to everyone who got involved! Diolch yn fawr iawn! We're doing it all again tomorrow with Lib Dem’s @alanbp so join us at 2pm! Hwyl!half a minute ago from web

Y Tri Dewi


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Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

A large 'big up' for this, excellent stuff. Well done to Jill too, passionate answers as always.

I think this could easily be a regular thing...