Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Lib Dems: party poopers?

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And surely we can forget about the recession as well, just for one day. Can't we Kirsty?

"10 years of devolution has been a step forward for Wales. We have moved closer to the people's parliament that Wales should have and the Welsh Liberal Democrats hope that this process can be accelerated in the near future.

But today is no day for backslapping and cosy congratulation. We're in the middle of a devastating recession and we face years of huge public spending cuts. After 10 years of rising budgets, building up public debt during the credit-fuelled boom years, this Assembly must now take a reality check."

And there's more:

"In assessing the success of the National Assembly for Wales we must examine the legacy that ten years has left: a legacy of the continued poverty for many welsh communities, of unaffordable higher education, of vital health service failures and a lack of resilience to peak oil and climate change.

It is the next two decades that will reveal the damage this legacy has done to Wales."

Ah well, never mind.

Dewi Dau


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Anonymous said...

Just saw on BBC News they looked back at 10 years of devolution in Wales and Scotland. Wyre Davies mentioned the bus passes....the free prescriptions and foundation age education and the end of SATS. I suppose it was mainly positive but not much to show for 10 years. He could have menioned more eg the difference in Agri policies and re-opening of railway lines but I don't suppose they would have allowed the BBC a photo shoot in a 'multicultural' school.