Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More twists and turns for the language LCO

This from Vaughan

One of the Assembly's legislative committees will publish a report on the language LCO in a few days and between you and me they're not happy about the thing. The likelihood is that the committee will call for a much more extensive order.

The Welsh Affairs Select Committee is also considering the LCO at the moment. In contrast to some people's expectations (mainly Welsh Officers ministers), it appears that that committee will also back the principle that the Assembly should have full law-making powers over language issues.

After both committees publish their reports further talks will take place between the Assembly Government and the Welsh Office before the order is put before the Assembly and Parliament.

The LCO in its current form is a compromise between the government in the Bay and the Welsh Office. The Assembly Government had wanted to go much further. If both committees support that request will Welsh Office ministers be willing to listen or will it be personal opinions that count?

Translation by Dewi Dau


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