Monday, 29 June 2009

AMs' Expenses | Treuliau ACau

Our AMs' expenses are out today.

Yesterday Ieuan Wyn Jones and David Melding told the BBC's Politics Show they had nothing to worry about.

But which AMs are getting up this morning after spending a sleepless night in their second home?

Which AMs are turning on their extravagant flat screen TVs, bought at the taxpayer's expense, in fear of finding their name pop up on the local news?

Which AMs are on edge as they feed their dog this morning, scared that the tin of Pedigree Chum may have somehow found its way onto an expenses claim?

We'll be trawling through the info today. But in the meantime here's the link for you to go looking for your AM's expenses. Maybe you can help us out be drawing our attention to some cheeky claims!

Os hoffech edrych ar y wybodaeth yn y Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Dewi Dau



Just a few findings we've been tweeting today.

Thanks to @annahwt for this: Mike German claims £745 for return flight to Paris.No cheaper/greener alternative?
less than 20 seconds ago from web

Eleanor Burnham claims 45p for a newspaper: http://www.allowances.assem...
28 minutes ago from web

So here's what the BBC have found in the expenses: .....
30 minutes ago from web

.....and as per usual, Golwg has:
30 minutes ago from web

The Three Dewis are now fully-fledged journalists having got our results today!But no rest for the wicked: dodgy expenses claims to look at!
about 1 hour ago from web

Dewis off to a meeting now. Back this afternoon with more expenses news!
less than a minute ago

Rhodri Glyn: £217.33 for cleaning materials inc. two rolls of Carmarthenshire County Council bin bags: 24/11/2008
8 minutes ago

Looking through expenses. Looks like @peterblackwales claimed £12 to get into the Eisteddfod last summer:
12 minutes ago



Peter Black said...

Dont you think that maintaining a constituency office and adhering to the law on trade waste is a legitimate expense? And yes I did claim for entry to the Eisteddfod and to the Royal Welsh as well. Both trips were work related and therefore the expense is legitimate.

Elin said...

Llongyfarchiadau ar fod yn "fully-fleged!!!