Sunday, 7 June 2009

"All bets are off"

News reaching us all the time here at Politics Cymru.

Sources have told us the 4th seat really is too close to call.

It could go to Labour, to the Conservatives, to Plaid, the Lib Dems or UKiP: "it really is that up in the air," said one source.

"All bets are off," said another who actually reckons UKiP could well be in the driving seat based on local elections results in England. The three main parties are going to take a kicking from the electorate, he said, and it's likely voters have backed UKiP out of protest against the mainstream parties.

Interestingly he claimed Labour have no chance of getting a second seat.

What are your thoughts? If Plaid takes the second seat from Labour will that have an effect on the One Wales coalition in Cardiff Bay? If UKiP gets a seat does that show people don't realise how much Wales has benefited from Britain's membership of the EU?

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Dewi Dau



Anonymous said...

I am sorry.....but could you explaind to me how Wales has benefitted from the EU? A serious question.

Anonymous said...

My predictions are:
Plaid 1, Conservatives 1, Labour 1, UKIP 1. Hope I'm wrong but there we are.

menaiblog said...

Labour retaining two is the least likely option.

We have little firm data to go on, but Plaid 1, Conservatives 1, Labour 1, UKIP 1 is the most likely option IMHO followed by Plaid 2, Conservatives 1, Labour 1.

Dewi Ogwen said...

Plaid getting just one seat would be a bit disapointing even if they top the poll in Wales. It seams increasingly likely that Plaid would neat close to if not just above 30% share for a second seat, especially if UKIP can get 15%.

Anonymous said...

"I am sorry.....but could you explaind to me how Wales has benefitted from the EU? A serious question."

Hah, is that one of those "what have the Romans ever done for us?" type questions?

kairdiff West Kid said...

Wales: in Europe, out of the UK.
That's the ideal scenario - especially when those oily right-wing tories get in, and we find they're actually worse that Labour, because at least Labour had the excuse of incompetence and total confusion.