Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Plaid Cymru calls for General Election

So how many of you ticked the "Yes! C'mon Gordon!" box in our recent poll on whether it was time for the PM to call a General Election?

Well those of you did might just get your wish. Next week Plaid Cymru and the SNP are preparing to put David Cameron and Nick Clegg on the spot in a bid to get parliament dissolved.

They plan on using their allotted speaking time in Westminster to force this issue and will look for support on this from Conservative and Liberal forces.

This is what Plaid's Elfyn Llwyd has been saying today - he's got big plans for us all!

“This would be a precursor to a root and branch reform of the political system in Westminster.

“We in Plaid Cymru have long raised the issue of reform of the House of Lords but also reform of the first past the post system to a more democratic means of securing that membership of Parliament better reflects society.

“We also firmly believe that the time has come for fixed parliaments in Westminster and curbing the Royal prerogative. The expenses scandal is merely the boil on the skin of Parliament - much more in depth attention is required.”

In the meantime, the SNP's Angus Robertson says:

"This dissolution motion is about confidence in the whole Westminster political system which has been mired in the expenses scandal.

"The only way to sort this mess out is for Parliament to be dissolved and for the people to have their say in a general election. There can be no argument against the entire House of Commons submitting itself to a vote of the people who elected them.

"This political crisis was created by politicians, and the SNP and Plaid Cymru will give Parliament the chance to give the people their say."

This is of course a line that could well attract widespread support: people across the country (as any of you who watched last night's Pawb a'i Farn will know) are annoyed with the current scandal and would love the chance to tell their elected representatives exactly what they think of them.

But is this really the right thing for Britain's nationalist parties to be calling for? It's difficult to imagine a Tory government - and it remains likely that that is what we would have if a general election took place now - supporting nationalists' calls for further devolution/independence.

Is this merely political point scoring from Plaid and the SNP in the run up to the European elections? Could their strategy backfire spectacularly?


Dewi Dau



Anonymous said...

what's the old adage - be careful what you ask for

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

Also, there an element of playing with fire. No incumbent MP will gain votes out of the expenses scandal, even the ones who havent abused the system.

The Plaid MPs have been clean, but there will be people seeing the impeachment legal fees as cause to stand or vote against them.

Incumbents will face a tough time at the ballot box, so it is interesting the nationalist MPs are being so bold. I applaud that boldness.