Thursday, 18 June 2009

Podcast #26: Three Wise Owls

It's Thursday so here's your weekly dose of fun and games (and a bit of politics) from Y Tri Dewi.

On the agenda this week: the collapse of the housing LCO, the Tories' plans to scrap free prescriptions to all, and - on the day we all get to see what those at The Telegraph have known for weeks - we also touch upon that thorny issue of MPs' expenses!

All this and more in our second vodcast - this week coming from the Gwdihŵ bar and café in Cardiff's city centre.

So how was it for you? Post your comments or Twitter us - we love hearing from you!

Y Tri Dewi



Politics Cymru said...

Before someone else notices my Freudian slip I of course meant to say that the Conservatives are against big Government(not the other way around)!

Mae'n flin da fi!

Dewi Un

Chris Hedley said...

Good debate had by all.

Some great camera work there to too. Someone should give that guy a job! Esp. for the shot through the mirror!

Kat Collins said...

Another sterling effort Dewis. I have a few questions though - 1. Can I take over as cheif cameraman when Matt leaves the country? 2. Can I get a shoutout on the next vodcast? 3. Can I get a free politics cymru hat please? xx