Thursday, 11 June 2009

Podcast #25: 3 Dewis, 2 cameras, 1 vodcast!

After months of thinking about it we've finally got around to doing a Politics Cymru video podcast (or vodcast?) and for those of you who didn't see us coming out of the closet on S4C during the Eisteddfod week, at long last you can now put a face to a Dewi!

Plenty to talk about as usual this week including the European elections and Gordon Brown's troubles.

All this as well as the usual fun and games in this PC VP!

And what do you think of Dewi Tri's hair-related concerns before the cameras started rolling?!

So what do you think?
Send us your suggestions for venues we could visit in the capital to record future video podcasts!

Y Tri Dewi



Sarah Morris said...

Interesting, informed & entertaining
you boys rock my world!

Anna Bailey said...

dewi tri, your hair looked delightful

Chris Hedley said...

good stuff lads.

shame you all so ugly. faces for radio esp. number two.

James D said...

Nice hair, and you should do the Vulcan before it's demolished!

Rachel said...

Nice to put some faces to the voices, must admit I'm a tad disappointed, especially by number 2. Kidding lads. Very enjoyable and nice to see some super duper close up shots. Well done, look forward to the next one

Che Grav-ara said...

Well done guys.

Don't agree with everything that was said but great to see this site coming along. I can see that this could be a weekly must watch. Maybe you should get a few politicians and guest bloggers on also.

Keep it up.


bethan said...

da iawn bois. Dewi 1- ti'n mynd i fod yn gystadleuaeth i Vaughan ar CF99 dwi'n this space!

Kat Collins said...

da iawn! All you need now is a campervan.

Anonymous said...

Typical Boys Club! Chi angen merch!Dewina?