Friday, 19 June 2009

Another one bites the dust

I think there must be something in the water. Politicians left right and centre are either resigning, retiring or ‘spending more time with the family’ be it in the European Parliament, Westminster or down the Bay.

The latest from the Senedd; Dr Brian Gibbons former minister for health and current local government and social justice minister has told his Aberavon constituency that he intends to step down at the next Assembly elections.

The Labour party must now know how the Liberal Democrats felt after hearing about Mick Bates; Brian Gibbons has been in the Assembly since 1999 and has been a minister for nine years - he will undoubtedly be missed by the party in Wales.

The AM for Aberavon says that he wants to return to his previous life as a GP and do some travelling before retiring completely.

As with all political retirements questions will be asked as to whether or not Dr Gibbons knows something we don’t and is therefore making his decision based on a possible Labour massacre at the next Assembly elections and over the coming years.

It is also the case with political retirements that intrigue over the successor is rife, how well does Eluned Morgan know the Aberavon area I wonder? I also wonder if Alun Davies is gutted that he announced his plans so soon?

The political scene in the bay will undergo a quiet transformation in 2011 regardless of the results – what with Rhodri Morgan, Mick Bates and Brian Gibbons departing. All senior AMs with good reputations down the bay, so who’s next I wonder?

Thoughts on the other runners and riders for early retirement / spending more time for the family / switching profession:

2/1 – Rhodri Glyn Thomas (Westminster bound)

3/1 – Gwenda Thomas

7/1 – Irene James

7/1 – Karen Sinclair

10 /1– William Graham

25/1 – Lord Ellis – Thomas

50/1 – Mike German

Who do you think?

Dewi Un

P.S I must confess i'm not a betting expert...



Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

Best get my selection speech together then...


Anonymous said...

Surely Eluned Morgan would contest Cardiff West if Rhodri retires. She does live in the continuency and the Welsh medium school will be a short walk for her kids.

Cibwr said...

Does she believe in Welsh-medium education? Fought against official recognition in the European parliament. (Thank goodness for Jill Evans). And takes a Great British chauvinist line on 'small nations'. I think Surrey has more appeal for her.

Anonymous said...

There will be a few Labour AM's spending more time with their families. Not out of choice mind but out of the electorates choice.

Elin said...

Hasn't Lorraine Barrett also said she is going? Re: Eluned Morgan - her children already go to a Welsh Medium school in the cinstituency.

Anonymous said...

What odds would you give on all of them going?!