Friday, 5 June 2009

Hain is back - back again

So now we've had a bit of time to digest this news what does it all mean for us here in Wales?

Well compared to self-proclaimed devo-realist Paul Murphy, Mr Hain is a passionate devophile. He was the architect of the 2006 Government of Wales Act which gave us limited law-making powers. We all know the LCO process isn't perfect but it does give the Assembly more power than it previously had whilst the Act also allows for the Assembly to call a referendum during this mandate - something Plaid is eager to exploit.

Will this be enough to dissuade Plaid Cymru from calling for the dissolution of parliament next week?

Plaid needs to be clever here. Elfyn Llwyd, Adam Price and Hywel Williams must surely recognise that their interests would be better served by a Labour Secretary of State who is a fan of the Assembly than a Tory Secretary of State for Wales who doesn't seem overly keen on transferring more powers to Cardiff Bay.


Dewi Dau



Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Peter Hain hasn't just been called back into the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Wales, he is a good media performer and good at getting the Government's message over to voters, Tony Blair knew that as well and used him in the YES Campaign very effectively.

With regards the motion, don't forget Peter still has to deal with the Wayne David's and Don Touhig's of this world which is why we have the LCO system in the first place, we all know he is a passionate devolutionist, the question i would ask if i were Plaid Cymru would be is Peter Hain capable of calling and winning a referendum on full law making powers by 2011, if not what have Plaid got to lose by calling for Parliament to be dissolved next week.

Neath girl said...

C of P, don't you think that Hain is damaged goods, whatever his views of devolution? And by the way, you blame Touhig and David for the LCO, well I blame Hain for yet again bottling it and putting Wales second to his party's unity and placating the anti-Welsh lobby.
He also hasn't yet I believe published his expenses online, and there may or may not be something to come out there.
Brown could have made a bolder choice for Wales Secretary - Brennan say, or Irranca-Davies, or even Nia Griffith.

Anonymous said...

Neath Girl, the Labour Party and its Minister operate on a party before country basis always has, always will, so even if Peter Hain who i agree is damaged goods, wanted full lawmaking powers. the outcome of the Government of Wales Act in 2006 was always caving into the Anti Welsh lobby to appease the Touhig’s and David’s and keep the peace in the Welsh Labour Party, Peter Hain was fully aware of this when he was drafting the bill so should we really be surprised at his failire to stand up to others as you say, this wasy of thinking is ingrained into the mindset of the Labour party.