Thursday, 25 June 2009

Podcast #27: Good night and good luck!

Busy day for the Dewis today!

First of all, here's our weekly vodcast - this week coming from the Nos Da bar and hostel in the shadow of the Millennium Stadium.

On the agenda today: the All Wales Convention - what will its finding be? AMs - why are so many of them calling it a day? And can the WAG really save the planet with £300 million?

All that as well as the usual banter, leg-pulling and quiz only a click away!

And this afternoon we were sat on the sofas in the BBC's Cardiff Bay studio talking to Welsh Affairs editor, Vaughan Roderick as guests on his weekly podcast.

That's out tomorrow and is well worth a listen - his podcasts are nearly as good as ours!

Hwyl am y tro,

Y Tri Dewi


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