Saturday, 6 December 2008

After the break

A translation of “Ar ôl y toriad” by Vaughan Roderick

The election to decide the next leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats is drawing to a close. Up until yesterday, 62% of members had voted. While this is a high percentage I would've expected a better response. After all the party has some two and half thousand members and a high proportion of those are activists. Of course it is possible that the percentage will have increased by the deadline on Monday. There's a tendency in postal votes either for people to vote straight away or to wait until the last minute. By the way, I've just noticed that the Lib Dems have chosen the name “Freedom Central” for their new headquarters in the Bay. A little more original than “Tŷ Gwynfor” round the corner!

The BBC don't accept advertising but I'm going to make an exception! They're expecting your call now!

Translated by Dewi Tri


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