Tuesday, 9 December 2008

And the results are in!

Diolch i bawb a bleidleisiodd yn ein pol opiniwn arlein.
Thank you to all who voted in our Online Poll - not as accurate as we were led to believe...

In third place: Kirsty (12 votes)
Runner up: Jenny (18)
But the winner is: I couldn't care less! (22)

...but then again, who knows?

Maybe the contest just didn't do enough to interest those who simply don't care about the Lib Dems, about Welsh politics, and so on and so forth...(yawn). So even if the silver and bronze medal places in our survey may be up for dispute, who can say that the gleaming gold hasn't gone to the worthy winner?

Kirsty may have her work cut out after all to get those 31 seats she's set her heart on!

Dewi Dau


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