Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A missed opportunity...

...that's the Welsh Lib Dem reaction to the Queen's speech.

It was also a "typically unambitious settlement for Wales from a government that pays only lip-service to devolution". So says out-going leader, Mike German.

He wanted to see powers granted to Wales:
  • over policing
  • over the Welsh language
  • over affordable homes
  • to create a minimum standard of service in the NHS
But he's not completely sure who is to blame for this inertia (although the Queen seems to be quite safe):

"We are left to wonder whether this is a case of Westminster blocking further power for Wales, or the Labour-Plaid government in Cardiff Bay failing to ask for more."

So once again everything comes back to the devolution question: the limits of the current settlement and the complexities of the LCO system. Bethan Jenkins will be pleased!

The Tories said nothing about devolution but our shadow Secretary of State, Cheryl Gillan, did say that:

"Labour has been in power for 11 years. After a decade of failure they have run out of excuses."
"This speech is all about short-term political prospects of Gordon Brown and not the long-term future of the country."

So all quite predictable really.

If only the Tories had carried out their initial threat - that would have livened things up a bit!

Dewi Dau


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