Thursday, 18 December 2008

BREAKING, he hasn't resigned but...

...Bourne's going to pay us all back, and so is Cairns!

Conservative Party statement (18/12/2008; 07:22pm):

'Nick Bourne, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly and his colleague, Alun Cairns, have reimbursed the National Assembly for the iPods bought from Assembly allowances.

Nick Bourne said:

“Although the purchase of these iPods was within the rules of the Assembly and authorised by the Fees Office, I recognise the perception that this expenditure was inappropriate.

Alun Cairns and I have decided therefore to reimburse the National Assembly for these items in addition to the charitable donations we have made.

“We apologise to the people of Wales and look forward to the results of Sir Roger Jones’ inquiry into Assembly Members allowances.

“Our group will be bringing forward its own stricter rules in advance of Sir Roger Jones’ report.”'

So does this draw a line under the whole affair? Can we - and The Western Mail - now move on? Or has the damage already been done? Is this just a final effort at holding onto the Tory leadership? If so, will it work? Oh, and what about the trouser press and bathroom improvements - should they also be reimbursed?

Dewi Dau


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Anonymous said...

Its a poor decision by Bourne. It only makes him look more guilty. Whats more if he's paying this back because he feels the public persception is poor then why not the money for his bathroom or trouser press!