Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mike's Motives

Someone once said that a politician never steps down voluntarily, there is always an ulterior motive. So I began to think more about the motivation behind Mike German’s decision to step down from the Lib Dem leadership.

Is it simply because he feels that he has run his race? That he can’t take the Lib Dems forward? Or (drum roll please) is it that he has a higher ambition?

"What can be bigger than leading your own party?" I hear you cry. Well listen up.

Convention dictates that the Presiding Officer is from an opposition party (see where I’m going?) Plaid are picking up votes, and could very well be in Government again (in coalition). Some might say that Lord Ellis-Thomas should therefore reprise his role?

So what experienced AM from an opposition party is there to step into the role? Well cor blimey Mike, you’re free nowadays!

This is purely hypothetical of course but if I’m right you heard it here first!

Dewi Un


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