Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bournewatch (5)

And so to the latest instalment of Vaughan Roderick's Bournewatch!

So where do things stand with the Conservatives?

Well the Western Mail's decision to commit pages one and three to a call for Nick Bourne's resignation will be a huge blow to him. I don't know who told Glyn Davies a week ago that this story would be "next week's chip wrapper" but they couldn't have been much more inaccurate. Although if you didn't know that it's been illegal for a few decades to wrap chips in newspaper you must be quite out of touch, perhaps sufficiently out of touch to believe that it's OK to claim expenses for an iPod and a trouser press.

Now there are some who say that this is no big deal and that politicians and journalists are just playing kids' games here.

Believe it or not, I don't disagree. But this is how political careers come to an end as a small matter pushes a party's members to act against their leader. There's no reason for Nick to block Jonathan Morgan's request for a group discussion - unless he senses what the outcome of that meeting would be.

Translation by Dewi Dau



Anonymous said...

Os wyt ti mewn twll.....paid a pharhau i geibio!

Glyn Davies said...

For what its worth, I disagreed with the 'chip wrapper' foreteller.