Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Of "Laws and Sausages"

Annwyl ddilynwyr,

Ar ol darllen blog
Betsan Powys sy'n son am y gwaith o greu cyfraith, meddyliais i fi fy hun bod y system unigryw sydd gennym ni yma yn haeddu cael 'i drafod.

Felly dyma i chi, ddarllenwyr, ddisgrifiad o ble ddaw cyfraith yng Nghymru

After reading Betsan Powys blog on law making, I thought it would be worthwhile, to describe the sources of law in Wales.

Where do laws come from that affect us in Wales?

  • Acts of the UK Parliament in Westminster that applies to both England and Wales as a single jurisdiction

  • Provisions of Acts of UK Parliament applying to Wales only

  • Wales only Acts of UK Parliament


  • ‘Measures’ made by the Assembly (when given the power under an LCO) (Welsh Primary Law)


  • Secondary Legislation made by Whitehall for England and Wales as a single jurisdiction

  • Secondary Legislation made by Whitehall specifically for Wales

  • Secondary legislation made by WAG in Cardiff. (This is where most law in Wales comes form)

  • Secondary legislation does relatively narrow, technical things (such as fixing the date on which an Act of Parliament will come into force, or setting the level of fees payable for a public service), as well as filling in the detail of how an Act will be implemented.

    (Secondary Legislation = orders, regulations, rules, directives)

    I think this is important, because by knowing we can fully understand who governs us, and who should be held accountable for what actions.

    Lecture over.

    As per usual your comments are welcome, if something's not clear i'll try my best to clear it up!

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