Thursday, 4 December 2008


Translation of “Gwahoddiadau” by Vaughan Roderick

I’m not a man for invitations and events. This is despite having half a dozen or so arrive at my door every week.

For example, the “Countryside Alliance” were holding a prize giving night in the Senedd Building. The invitation arrives under the name of Dafydd Ellis Thomas and prizes are to be presented by Elin Jones. Also present is Simon Hart the Chief Executive, who incidentally is the prospective Conservative candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembroke.

How many Labour members will turn up I wonder? My guess is roughly the same number that would turn up to an appeal by the W.I, the establishment that is of course busy organising a bra exhibition. Not any old bra exhibition, but one based on the bra’s of famous Welsh women. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea and cant even hazard a guess as to what they’ll do next.

Then tomorrow Amnesty International are putting a cage outside the Senedd building, to protest against Guantanamo Bay. There is I understand an opportunity for anyone to have a go inside the cage, and don’t be put off by the orange jumpsuit, that’s optional.

Now I’m sure the farmers of the prize night are good lads (like this perhaps). I’m sure there is a noble purpose behind the bra museum, and I understand the point Amnesty is trying to make.

But despite all this, excuse me if I’d rather go for a pint!

Translation by Dewi Un


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