Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Western Mail: a dog with a bone

Interestingly, "iPodgate" has been relegated to the shadows of page 10 today: a far cry from yesterday when the scandal dominated the front page and more. But The Western Mail just won't let go of its iBone. Try as Nick Bourne and his supporters might to prise it from the paper's jaws, our 'national paper' just won't release it. It wants blood.

After yesterday's stinging attack on Nick Bourne himself and calls for the leader of the opposition to step down, the WM has now opted for a change of approach. Today it's appealing to the Conservative Party and its supporters to face up to the damage Prof. Bourne has done to the party, urging them to realise that failure to respond appropriately will undermine its credibility.

"A party that is unable to provide coherent answers to these questions and by its inertia continues to support Nick Bourne" says the paper, "raises inevitable concerns about its ability to govern and its very integrity. Why should anyone trust such a party with their vote?"

The paper is openly determined to force Nick Bourne's resignation and seems prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed. After appealing to Nick's conscience yesterday, today it turns its attentions to the party's grassroots members, aiming to tempt them into a revolt against their leader.

Is it right for the Western Mail to hound (pun shamelessly intended!) Tory supporters in this way? Is it right for any paper to attempt to force political change? Is the Western Mail acting responsibly here?

As always your thoughts are most welcome.

Dewi Dau


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Che Grav-ara said...

One of my pet hates is lazy journalists that just chuck the word gate after an issue to make it seem dramatic. I think the Western Mails Ipod-gate is one of the worst yet!