Thursday, 18 December 2008

Don't worry, Eleanor: you're still in the loop!

This from a Lib Dem press release (16/12/2008):

'Eleanor Burnham [Lib Dem AM for North Wales] has reacted with amazement after Cymdeithas yr Iaith revealed that the draft order to devolve powers over the Welsh Language is to be published on January 10.

Mrs Burnham said: "I am astounded that the first we have heard about the publication of the Welsh Language LCO has come from Cymdeithas yr Iaith.

"The Secretary of State for Wales was asked about this in the Assembly just last week, but refused to be drawn on an exact date."'

Mrs Burnham's source is a warm invitation extended to every AM to attend Cymdeithas' New Year's Rally:

"Dear Assembly Member,

You are invited to Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg - The Welsh Language Society's New Years Rally, which coincides with the publication of the Legislative Competence Order for the Welsh Language. The purpose of the rally is to highlight the principle that all legislative powers for the Welsh Language are transferred to the Welsh Assembly, and that we the people of Wales are responsible for our own comprehensive language measure that will ensure linguistic rights, equal status and a language commissioner that will allow Wales to develop into a fair and bilingual country.

CYMDEITHAS YR IAITH GYMRAEG by the Aneurin Bevan Statue on Queen Street, Cardiff
2pm, 10th of January:

Caryl Parry Jones
Morgan Hopkins
Bethan Williams
Catrin Dafydd".

I've spoken to a prominent member of Cymdeithas yr Iaith and apparently Mrs Burnham has taken the word 'coincides' a little too literally. What's more, and as was pointed out to me, the 10th of January falls on a Saturday. Few would expect news on the future of the Welsh language to break over a weekend.

So there we go, nothing for Mrs Burnham - nor anybody else - to get too excited about just yet...unless they're a fan of Caryl Parry-Jones!

Dewi Dau


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Anonymous said...

unless they're a fan of Caryl Parry-Jones!

I might listen to her on my-ipod as I'm bored with learning Welsh on my i-pod. Please Politics.....try and make this story one of significance to us all! More talk of I-pods please a la Welsh journalists. I am sure Vaughan will be able to work something out.....