Saturday, 13 December 2008

Lembit reaching out to “real people”

Just found this article on the BBC's website: Opik made Daily Sport columnist.

Lembit says he wants his new political column to reach “real people” which I suppose is an honourable ambition.

But how many of the right-leaning readers of the Daily Sport are actually going to be converted by Lembit's wise words? And how will this play amongst his rural constituents, many of whom are probably more interested in the County Times than Celeb Babes and the colour of the new Big Brother diary room chair...

The more interesting part of the BBC article is that Lembit's Conservative rival Glyn Davies has commented on the story saying that the two of them have “different approaches” to politics – it doesn't take much to figure out what Mr Davies' line of attack will be come the next general election.

Take that line of attack coupled with a national Tory resurgence and it looks likely the Lib Dems could very well lose Montgomeryshire; a stronghold of theirs since 1983.

Dewi Tri



Che Grav-ara said...

If I was Glyn my strategy for the election would be to just send out material quoting Lembit and listing what he did. There would be no need to edit it to make him look bad just publish it in full.

In fact I would just say nothing and he'll do all that by himself because whilst everyone else thinks he's lost the plot he seems strangley proud of his daily star celeb galavanting exploits. One could be led to believe that he wants to lose his seat to get a shot at being free to be in the next im a celb get me in the tabloids.

Glyn Davies said...

There is a very big difference between the Daily Star and the Daily Sport. One's a celebby right of centre tabloid. The other is what I think of as 'soft porn'.

Che Grav-ara said...

My mistake Glyn. The Star would be bad enough...the sport is just beyond belife!