Thursday, 18 December 2008

Bournewatch (6)

So the BBC have caught up with us! And here's a translation of Vaughan's thoughts on Nick Bourne's decision to pay the money back.

Clever...but slightly behind.

This move by Nick is cunning for many reasons.

First of all he's trying to ensure that only the iPod question is under discussion and so that people will forget about the trouser press and bathroom improvements. Secondly, and again by concentrating on the iPod, he's trying to draw Alun Cairns into the story. This might be a message to other Tories saying that he's not willing to walk the plank without taking others with him.

Not often does one quote Jeremy Thorpe these days but for some reason his reaction to Supermac's decision to sack half his cabinet in 1962 seems appropriate: "Greater love than this hath no man, that he lay down his friends for his life".

Will this latest statement work?

Well firstly, one must consider how quickly Nick's situation is deteriorating. It's only a day since he (and Alun) felt that charitable donations would be enough to quieten the storm.

A second move in less than twenty-four hours suggests one of two things. Either things are turning into wild panic at the Opposition leader's office or he's trying to wind down the clock until Christmas. If that's the aim he's likely to succeed but it would be foolish to think that would kill the story. As they say, "join us after the break..."

Translation by Dewi Dau


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