Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Vaughan Roderick: the condensed version

It seems as though our friend Vaughan has gone into blogging overdrive recently (4 posts today alone!). We're not sure whether this is a test of our translation credentials or otherwise. Either way here's a translation of a couple of today's entries.

"The long journey"

Do you remember the language LCO - the application which was supposed to be published in the Spring?

The Spring became Summer and the Summer turned to Autumn. Until today the promise was that the application would appear "before Christmas". In the Chamber today, the Secretary of State announced that Whitehall's departments had completed the process of studying the application. So the LCO will be published. When? Well, "in the new year".

A few days ago I heard that some of Plaid Cymru's officers have written the song "All I want for Christmas is my language LCO". No chance.

"Tick Tock" [*]

The Assembly's Christmas holidays begin tomorrow. So why is it that most of the journalists in the Bay have chosen to work next week - and why are they calling that week "Bournewatch"?

Could that be something to do with the publishing of the Assembly Members' expenses on Friday?

Translations by Dewi Dau

*I wasn't entirely sure how 'Tick Tock' is spelt and was encouraged to see that others are just as uncertain!


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