Monday, 15 December 2008

Week of the Long Knifes - Will Bourne step aside?

As I’m sure you’ve been following dear readers (especially in Vaughan Roderick’s brilliant “Bournewatch”) Nick Bourne’s days as Conservative leader in Wales look numbered. Enough has been written about his dodgy dossier, his liking for IPOD’s and of course his facial plasters.

What interests me about the Conservative civil war is how it will play out eventually. Jonathan Morgan has claimed that he is not in cahoots with Darren Millar to overthrow Nick Bourne, senior AMs like David Melding have come out in favour of the beleaguered leader, yet there is still this sense of doom floating around Nick Bourne, a sense that he can’t seem to shake off.

How therefore can the conservatives oust Bourne without actually ousting him? As the main party of opposition in the Assembly, the Conservatives cant be seen spending their time fighting each other. This surely makes it perfectly plausible for Nick Bourne to “step aside” whilst the Assembly is in recess to allow for them to get themselves back in order before returning to the Senedd. This possibility makes the next few days very interesting.

The Conservatives have tried recently in Wales and the UK to be a sensible party (bar David Davies' by-election stunt). Less scandal, more scrutiny. In order to try and maintain this perception in Wales (which will be tough following the expenses debacle) they have to behave admirably to each other, so no knifing each other, or their leader, in the back. This surely means that the only way some Tory AMs are going to get their way and a new leader is if Mr Bourne decides that his time in the spotlight is over. And judging by his impassioned defence of his position, I for one can't see that happening.

Watch this space

Dewi Un


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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that Vaughan is somehow trying to drive this through himself. I listened to Bourne on Radio Wales today attempting to defend himself. Why was he there when you have two AM's.....husband and wife who have claimed the maximum allowance? Isn't one of them supposed to be interested in leading Welsh Labour too. Why is Roderick and the BBC homing in on Bourne and his ipod? It's laughable and so is Rodericks constant baiting....