Monday, 1 December 2008

An Expensive Facelift

I have always been a fan of the Senedd Building. Unlike some, who would rather have spent the £67million on some important or groundbreaking policy, or kept that cash in tax payers pockets, I always felt that having an impressive building to house the National Legislature was important. Not necessarily for the here and now, where some of the Senedd’s time is spent talking about things like Welsh flag bumper stickers, but for the time when landmark, head turning decisions will be made. What legitimacy would the Assembly have if it made these decisions (which incidentally are starting to be made now, with things like presumed consent) from a trumped up office block?

That said, I am a bit dubious about the £100,000 ‘touch up’. I’m certainly no Richard Rogers, but surely a building costing £67million pounds would have the durability of at least your average 4 bed room house? Am I the only one who feels that that is a large bill to rack up in 2 years? The worrying point for me is that the Assembly Commission have described the repairs as normal 'wear and tear'. Does that mean that we’ll be forking out another hundred grand in 2010?

As always your thought’s are welcome

Dewi Un

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Y boi i'r job said...

Cytuno fod adeilad y senedd yn adeilad symbolaidd a phwysig iawn i Gymru. Wedi dweud hynny mae'n warthus fod angen gwario cymaint o arian o fewn cyn lleied o amser ar gadw'r adeilad. Mae na lot o drafferthion wedi bod rhwng y to yn gollwn a'r golwg ar y pren tu allan ar ol cal ychydig o dywydd!

Cibwr said...

The reality is that all buildings cost a lot to maintain and have teething problems - look at Portcullis House... and see how many millions it has cost to fix and it still leeks (in every sense).