Friday, 12 December 2008

Trouble in the ranks?

You would think that Assembly Members would have learnt their lesson about claiming personal items on their expenses...apparently not.

There's now talk that this could cause more problems for Conservative leader Nick Bourne who's been highlighted as one of the Chamber's more excessive spenders (spending nearly £200 on an iPod – along with more than £11,700 on other things).

Bourne was in trouble earlier this year after a document he sanctioned criticised the First Minsiter's dress sense.

And now Wales Today have just been reporting that more than half of the Tory members are dissatisfied with Bourne's leadership.

Might this see a leadership challenge mounted before we return from the Christmas break? And who might lead the charge?

If you're curious, the BBC have been good enough to put expenses details online:

  • Document 1
  • Document 2

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